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When life goes full circle

When life goes full circle...let it be.

If you told me 12 years ago, when I moved into my new workshop in Thorniley Studios, that within a year I would have moved out to another bigger studio in the same building, to then return to my old studio 11 years after....I would have not believed it. But life is organic and it flows naturally (If you let it be, that's it), and it goes around and comes around in circles which seem random but aren't, it is the force of nature evolving like the wind, it plays with you, it takes you up and down, you and your stuff, and you have to let it happen because nature knows more than you do, and nature will put things back in place after the storm.

So here I am, back in the room. In the same room which has changed a lot since I moved out, but now it welcomes me back with open arms. Only, this time I have a decade of experience on top, plus all the boxes of haberdashery and fabrics, sewing machines, mannequins, tools, and "stuff....but I can deal with it OK., I do have a little team of helpers whom are always behind the scenes making their best to make this work.

Thanks to my amazing team, I have been able to do this moving seamlessly. Please take a minute to appreciate the hard work happening behind the smoke and mirrors :)

Here there are a few first snaps of the new studio as we are moving in.

...End of an era, start of a new chapter.

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